Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Complete Customization

Our pharmacy offers different types of MAR that are customizable according to the facility needs.

1. Traditional Paper MAR

Our standard MAR includes the following:

  • Patient Name
  • Ward +/- Bed Number
  • Diagnosis / ICD9
  • Allergies
  • Other Variable – Weight, Special Diet, Oxygen Therapy, Application Time of Topical Local Anaesthetic
  • Prescription Details
  • Drug Name
  • Dosage Strength
  • Route
  • Frequency
  • Medication Indication
  • Prescribing Doctor Details
  • Day by Day Chart where carers/nurses administering medications can sign when medication has been given.

However, it is fully customizable to include other details, or to adjust time codes according to the facility preferences.

 2. eMAR

eMar is the electronic version of a medical administration record (MAR). By using barcode technology in our strip packs, in conjuction with electronic medication administration record (eMAR), substantially reduces transcription and medication administration errors as well as related potential drug-related adverse event. Barcode eMAR technology at Canadian pharmacy ensures that the correct medication is administered in the correct dose at the correct time to the correct patients

Using Our eMAR you will:
  • Increase Patient Care
  • Speed Up the Med-Pass by an average of 40%
  • Ensure Staff Compliance
  • Achieve 100% Compliance on Audits
  • Eliminate Medication Errors
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