Hormones For Women

Hormones Feeling Out Of Balance?

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Regardless of your age, hormones play a huge part in the human body. A woman’s body is constantly at work, attempting to keep all hormones together and working in balance. Even if only one unbalanced hormone is present in the body, it can and will negatively effect all other hormones, creating a wide and unpleasant variety of symptoms.

Unbalanced Hormones Can Cause The Following Menopausal and Premenopausal Symptoms
FatigueMood swings
Night SweatsMemory Lapses
Poor ConcentrationIrritability
Hot FlashesLoss of Muscle Mass
Decreased fertilityUrinary Incontinence
Weight GainIrregular or Painful Periods
Vaginal DrynessPMS
Tender or Fibrocystic BreastsBloating
InsomniaLow Libido
TruCare Pharmacist’s Will Work With Your Medical Provider To:
  • Adjust the dosage of your medication over time, in order to coordinate them with your natural aging process
  • Test the specific hormone levels accurately in your body
  • Compound the necessary hormones in individualized strengths and dosage forms to meet your unique needs
  • Evaluate your test results and hormone evaluation worksheet
  • Determine a customized treatment strategy that will work best for you
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