Long Term Care

Experts in Long Term Care and Hospice Services

TruCare provides a wide variety of services and products to Long Term Care facilities and senior populations living independently, thus saving the patient money, optimizing resident care and increasing overall efficiency.

Individualized Service

With our staff of highly trained and qualified pharmacists and technicians, no one is able to provide more personalized and efficient service than TruCare. Our personalized service offering is
just part of our commitment to ensure that you are always able to quickly speak to a real person who is qualified and capable to assist you on each and every call.

Drug Inventory
  • Pain Management
  • COPD
  • Psychotropics
  • Anti-Depressants
  • Bowel Care
  • Plus a full-line of routine, maintenance and OTC (over-the-counter) medications
  • We can also special order just about any medication, and in most markets, the medication is delivered to our pharmacy within 24 hours.

TruCare Pharmacy, a leader in Long Term Care, dispenses pharmaceuticals, sterile intravenous drugs, assisted living facilities, hospice programs and similar institutional sites of care.

We provide a standard of service that goes far beyond that provided by other pharmacies in the field. Patients in institutional settings have special need – they are elderly, frail, chronically ill, and can no long care for themselves. TruCare Pharmacy provides specialized services to these patients and to the facilities that care for them. These specialized services keep patients healthier and safer while helping payers control pharmaceutical costs.

Please contact our pharmacy at 1-951-817-1005 for any inquiries regarding our products.