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TRUCARE SPECIALTY PHARMACY knows the drugs prescribed for treatment for multiple sclerosis can be difficult to manage and costly.  TRUCARE offers a pharmacists-led team that works with your physician to ensure you are provided with clinical support and affordable medication to meet your unique needs. We offer these specialty medications through our delivery services and mail order.


Once TRUCARE Pharmacy receives your completed referral form our staff begins the following process:

  • We verify insurance coverage and file claim with the insurance company.
  • We initiate prior authorization (PA) and financial assistance patient support.
  • Patient and physician are notified of prescription status within 24 hours of receipt.
  • TRUCARE coordinates delivery of the medication, any support services required and pharmacist consultation with patient throughout course of treatment.



Click below to see the latest list of Multiple Sclerosis specialty drugs we stock to help you manage your specific medical need:

Patient Support | 1-888-881-1918

Patient Support | 1-800-456-2255

Patient Support | 1-800-788-1467

Patient Support | 1-800-877-8100

Patient Support | 1-866-EXTAVIA (1-866-398-2842)

Patient Support | 1-800-GILENYA (1-800-445-3692)

Patient Support | 1-877-447-3243



For additional information about Multiple Sclerosis, treatment and support, the resources below maybe helpful. 

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation - 

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - 

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of America - 

Move Over MS - http://www.moveoverms 

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - 

Note: Links provided above are for reference and information only and are not endorsed by TruCare.


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