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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your feedback is important to us. The responses will be use to improve our day to day operations and better serve our customers.

1. The TruCare staff was professional in their interactions with you?

2. Our staff was helpful in answering all your questions?

3. You were satisfied with the way your questions were answered?

4. The TruCare Representative that you spoke to was knowledgeable?

5. TruCare Staff acts in your best interest?

6. TruCare Pharmacy was able to meet your needs?

7. Your medications and supplies were dispensed accurately?

8. You were satisfied with the Medication Therapy Management information on medical use, possible side effects and other related information provided to you?

9. The amount of information you received during the Medication Therapy Management session the right amount for a phone call?

10. Do you agree that you are easily able to contact your clinical pharmacist or patient care coordinate at TruCare whenever you have a question or concern?

11. Your calls are always returned within 24 hours?

12. Do you agree that the TruCare Staff followed up with you routinely?

13. Your received your medication in time to not disrupt your course of treatment?

14. The wait to speak to a representative was acceptable?

15. Do you agree that a clinical pharmacist followed up with you in a timely manner?

16. Your medications are delivered within the time frame you were given?

17. TruCare delivery staff was friendly upon delivery of package?

18. Our delivery staff waits long enough after knocking to allow you to get to the door?

Comments or Concerns?

What did we do really well? What can we do better?
Do you have any suggestions for improving our services?

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