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We understand the difficulties of managing complex and chronic conditions, which is why we offer a simplified enrollment process.

1. Check your eligibility for benefits (includes Medicare Part D)

2. Our Prior-Authorization team obtains the green light to fulfill your prescription treatment needs

3. Our Co-Pay team works to connect patients with our partner foundations and manufacturers for financial support

4. We coordinate, manage and follow-up with patient benefits so you don’t have to

5. We deliver your medication right to your door at no extra cost


Getting Started:

TRUCARE Pharmacy will only dispense prescription drugs upon receipt of a valid prescription from an authorized provider under state and federal laws.


A prescription may be called into TRUCARE Pharmacy by a licensed and authorized prescriber or his/her representative only.


A prescription may be faxed to TRUCARE Pharmacy ONLY by a licensed and authorized prescriber. The facsimile prescription must come directly from the prescriber’s office, not from the patient. Fax us at (844) 446-0809.



TRUCARE Pharmacy accepts most major prescription plans and will charge you the copay determined by the insurance carrier. Co-pay charges made to the credit card provided will not be made until the time of shipment.


A prescription is considered a refill if it was already filled at TRUCARE Pharmacy. The refill may be ordered by calling a TRUCARE Specialist at (844) 446-0808. We can easily access your prescription information once you provide us with your contact information and your prescription number. 



TRUCARE Pharmacy will NOT fill Controlled Substance prescriptions online. TruCare pharmacy will only dispense a controlled substance to a person who presents a written, valid prescription issued for a legitimate medical purpose based upon a medical relationship with a prescribing practitioner to patients and prescribers in California ONLY. 


If you would like TRUCARE Pharmacy to fill a prescription that you have previously filled at another pharmacy we will be able to transfer the prescription to our pharmacy after you have provided us with the appropriate information. Please call one of our pharmacists at (844) 446-0808 with your information.