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Healthcare costs are rising every year and millions of Americans are struggling with unforeseeable and unmanageable healthcare bills. We CARE about helping you through this!

At TRUCARE, we understand that medication costs create financial burdens for everyone, especially if you’re currently dealing with a serious health issue. Our financial care team goes above and beyond to help you gain access to more affordable medications and copay assistance programs.

Our team works to find out if you will quality for financial assistant programs from non-profit organizations and drug manufacturers.  We will help you with applications and enrollment step completion as well.

If your insurance company requires a “prior authorization”, we work with them to obtain the right documentation to submit to the department that makes decision regarding drug coverage. The documentation must establish your need for this medication and show that you qualify based on your insurance company’s guidelines. This process can increase the chances your insurance benefits will apply and potentially reduce the cost of your drugs.

Our nationwide relationships with non-profit organizations, insurance companies and drug manufacturers enables us to work on your behalf so you can focus on your health and well-being.

Contact TRUCARE, if you need help finding out if you qualify for financial assistance for your specialty drugs today!