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We are committed to delivering quality care and services to our patients and partners. As a specialty and limited distribution pharmacy, we have grown to treat thousands of patients in various disease stages experiencing cancer and other chronic illnesses.


We can help your patients receive the treatment they need easily and quickly through:

  • Individual managed care policies and procedures to help patients get medication on time
  • Patient eligibility management
  • Manage coverage costs and reimbursement services
  • Same-day approval for eligible patients through our experienced Prior-Authorization department
  • Co-Pay department manages patient payment status while working to contract rebates and grant patient access to treatment
  • Provide savings and mitigate costs while delivering quality treatment
  • Our staff manages all paperwork to decrease patient and physician workload


We ensure our patients receive superior care, optimal health outcomes is a top priority at TruCare Pharmacy. Our efforts include:

  • Adherence program maximizes treatment efficacy, manages patient compliance and mitigates costs.
  • We provide quality care in a discreet and professional manner for all patiens.
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) to ensure the safety of life essential medicines
  • TruCare supports patient interests and needs and works hard to provide and ensure that medications are delivered on time, every time


Benefits of the TruCare Partnership Include:

  • No cost delivery of medication.
  • Adherence program allows us to use and provide practice guidelines and patient empowerment strategies.
  • Pharmacist consultation and therapy, which includes patient information sessions and materials to produce well informed patients that understand the “do’s and don’ts” of their prescription medication regimen dialogue.
  • Monitoring and evaluating patient medication history to provide fitting patient packages together with informed adherence strategy plans.
  • We use REMS to ensure the safety of our products and improve health outcomes.